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Lenten Devotions and Grace Notes

Lenten Devotions are brief devotional services based on the book of Job.  GraceNotes are one minute devotions that come out once a week and are usually based on a reading for the coming Sunday.  GraceWorship is a brief worship service that is recorded so you can worship in your home or on the go, especially during this time when we cannot worship together in the church building.  For archived GraceNotes and GraceWorship videos, please go to either Facebook or YouTube and search for "Grace Lutheran Livingston NJ."

A nice, meaningful, contemporary song that deals with being honest with God and each other is "Truth Be Told by Matthew West.  Here is the music video -- and here is the story behind the song --

Here is a beautiful song, written by a fellow Lutheran pastor, to commemorate 9/11 and to give us hope in Jesus. I pray that you find hope and inspiration in this hymn.

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